Finding calm in the midst of a storm

It is dark outside now and the I can hear the rumblings of a brewing storm.  The tree branches sway vigorously dropping their leaves on the ground below and the traffic lights dance to the music of the wind.  There are signs everywhere that something big is on its way.  Schools have been closed, the grocery store shelves have been picked almost bare, the atm machines have notices that there is no cash left to dispense, and there are news flashes popping up on tv and all the social media sites.  “Frankenstorm” as it has been nicknamed is a few hours away from making landfall and there is an uneasy feeling in the air all along the East Coast tonight.

I am trying to remain optimistic and not get overwhelmed by the images I see on tv.  My family has taken all the necessary precautions and all we can do now is hunker down and wait for what Mother Nature has in store for us.  We set up the floor in our bedroom as a campsite for the kids and their giggles are taking our minds off any negative thoughts we may have about the impending hurricane.

I have come to a point in life where I realize that there are some things that I have no control over… like Mother Nature… so I can either spend my hours being fearful or find some peace with these situations.  I choose peace.  Life like Mother Nature is unpredictable.  Stay calm, take shelter, be cautious, and most of all remember that your life is worth more than your possessions.  My family and I will pray that you all remain safe!

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8 Responses to Finding calm in the midst of a storm

  1. Susan Kneller says:

    Thanks for the calming thoughts during this uneasy time. Praying for you and yours also!

  2. Eileen says:

    Wow…… Amazing words. You should write a book. Stay safe hun, sendin hugs your way. Fingers and toes crossed and prayers sent up xxxxx

  3. Thanks Sue and Eileen for your kind words and prayers xx

  4. jackie ww says:

    We were watching tv today and work and up came Point Pleasant – such wonderful memories we have of the day we spent there with Dave’s family your mum and dad, roy and sandra and toni – to see it so rough today it was hard to imagine that it is the same place. Take care of each other and your friends lots of love to all – Jackie and Don xx

  5. Dad called earlier and said he saw it on the news over there too. It is hard to see the destruction. We just have to hope and pray that everyone will be ok. Thanks for the well wishes xx

  6. I hope that everyone is doing ok. We are Jersey Strong and will get through it.

  7. Thank you! We are ok and got our power back today. Feeling very thankful and blessed. Thoughts and prayers are with those still without power and shelter… Jersey Strong!

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