There is someone out there having a worse day than you

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I moved from Ireland to the U.S. over sixteen years ago but there are times when the distance from home and family overwhelm me and I get home sick. It was very hard in the beginning but over the years I started to train my mind to change my thoughts from sad to positive and think happy thoughts. This works most of the time but then there is that one day that creeps up on me when my positivity is low and I am catapulted into a place of loneliness. I want to reach my arms across the ocean to hug my parents and brother but I can’t, I want to sit with my mother who is ill and tell her everything is going to be ok, I want to hang out with my old girlfriends who understand me completely and laugh all night… but I can’t.

Recently, I experienced one of those home sick days. Just as I began to feel totally sorry for myself, I received an email from a friend back home telling me that another friend’s father had just passed away. My sorrow shifted to thoughts of my friend and her family. I suddenly realized how lucky I am to still have my parents. At least I can call and tell them how much I love them. Maybe I can’t hug my parents but God has alleviated this pain by blessing me with loving hugs and kisses from my children. I don’t have my old girlfriends to laugh with but God has guided my path to meet with new girlfriends who make me smile every day. This path also introduced me to my best friend, my husband, who tells me every day how much I am loved. Maybe I just needed to be reminded of all my blessings. Maybe we all need to be reminded of our blessings. Our lives may not be perfect but no matter how bad we may feel there is always someone out there going through and dealing with more obstacles. There are many things in our life to be thankful for and sometimes we just need to open our eyes a little more to see them. For this reminder, I am thankful!

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5 Responses to There is someone out there having a worse day than you

  1. Anonymous says:

    Linda your mam and dad had their hug from you on Monday morning. Don and I were with them – and passed on when I sent picture – hope you were able to open. As usual you mam hasn’t changed – not talking much now – but always a twinkle in the eye and a smile on her face. She is truly remarkable. Dad looks after her well. Love Jackie xx

  2. Karin Burk says:

    Dear Linda,
    I think of your difficult situation. My heart goes out to you and I wish I could make things better. But I do want you to know we are so grateful to have you for a daughter-in-law and we love you very much.

  3. Thanks ladies. I am blessed to have both of you in my life 🙂

  4. ksocorro says:

    Great post, having gratitude for all my blessings always makes me feel better too, changes my mood right around.

  5. Thank you! I believe that by being thankful for our blessings brings more blessings our way 🙂

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