Through the eyes of a child

Running in the snow

Do you ever watch how children live life? They play, create, explore, laugh, and love with energetic exuberance. As adults, we are often weighed down by worries about life. We are often guilty of over thinking, over doing, running around with a checklist of projects and we don’t take time to enjoy our surroundings. There are times when life seems to pass by and wave at us. So how about turning it around?

As you start your day take a minute to close your eyes and reopen them to your inner child. Have fun, laugh, play, create, explore, and love as passionately as a child. Ignore the basket of laundry and put away the clorox wipes. Go out and enjoy the day. You are shaking your head thinking, “I have to go to work and my boss won’t like it if I take out a pack of crayons and start coloring at my desk.” See now you’re smiling even if you are thinking like an adult! Enjoy your work and laugh with your colleagues. Come home and play with your children. Listen to their stories and learn from them. Don’t take life too seriously… just enjoy it. And remember these words from a Whitney Houston song, “Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be..”

About Looking Inward with Lily

Look Inward, Listen to your Heart, be Positive, be Kind, be Humble, Live Life to the Fullest
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4 Responses to Through the eyes of a child

  1. Karin Burk says:

    I guess listening to the children is why I love my job so much. My very favorite people to listen to and watch are the 2 cutest boys in the world. Love them so much!

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