Going Home to Ireland

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I have been away on vacation visiting my homeland of Ireland. My family and I spent a glorious nine days in the Motherland. We were blessed with sunshine from the heavens above, love and hospitality from our Irish relatives, and beautiful scenery wherever we roamed. I have lots of stories to tell and promise to share more pictures of the lovely Éire (Ireland) soon.

Today, was the first day of school for my children and back to work for the hubby and myself. While I am a little tired I am energized every time I think about our trip to Ireland. There is no better feeling than the comfort of home and being surrounded by the ones you love! Simple giggles shared between grandparents and their grandchildren, smiles from a mother to a daughter, loving hugs from family and friends… these are the things I may not have caught on camera but they are forever in my heart.

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12 Responses to Going Home to Ireland

  1. Lovely. I hope to travel to Ireland some day soon.

  2. I’m so jealous! And very happy that you had a good time and made it there and back safely! Can’t wait to hear the stories of the trip!

  3. Thanks Kate! I have some nice pictures of a place in West Cork where the river Lee rises and flows into a lake. I will go through the pics over the next few days and write a blog about our visit there. Congrats on your Heart Walk. I enjoyed reading your post!

  4. Audrey says:

    So beautifully captured Linda. It was such a treat to see you all. Lots of love Audrey xx

  5. bobbybarbara says:

    How blessed you are to travel to your homeland. These are the moments that give meaning to our lives.

  6. You are so right Bobby! I feel truly blessed. This trip home meant so much to me. I will cherish the memories and keep them close to my heart forever.

  7. joanfrankham says:

    beautiful pictures, and beautiful memories for you.

  8. So glad you had a good time – and good weather by the looks of things!

  9. We had a great time Ellie and the weather was a blessing 🙂

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