Snow Day

Dakota Lily Snow

I got up this morning as usual and began my drive into work. Less than half way there I had to pull over at a gas station as the driving conditions were really bad. I decided to turn back and go home rather than risk getting into an accident (I saw four accidents on the way home). I was greeted at the door by two very happy boys and puppy. We had a great snow day. The boys played football in the snow. They play football everywhere so why not in the snow right? 🙂 I helped them build a snowman, Dakota played in the snow, there was hot chocolate and tea, and after I post this there will be movie night with popcorn.

I didn’t plan on staying home today but it turned out good that I took a vacation day and stayed home. I would have missed so much fun with my boys. I enjoyed seeing Dakota run like crazy in the snow, watching my cats try to catch falling snowflakes through the window, and the smiles and laughter of my boys as they threw snow balls and scored snowy touchdowns. Maybe just maybe today’s snow was God’s way of saying stay home and enjoy some time with your family!

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4 Responses to Snow Day

  1. Karin says:

    I remember days like that. I’m really glad you were able to stay home and enjoy them and the snow!

  2. What a great snow day! I love that you turned it into an adventure! I wish we had gotten snow, as I love building snow men… I will admit that some of my friends did build ice men 🙂

  3. It was an unexpected snow day that turned out to be a lot of fun. Building ice men sounds like fun too 🙂 The boys and Dakota enjoyed playing in the snow. Being with them and seeing how much fun they were having made my day!

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