In Sickness and In Health – A True Love Story


The chest pains escalate and suddenly he is lying on a hospital bed where the cardiologist announces, “We have to insert a stent into your heart.” His first thought is not for himself but for his wife. He wonders what will happen to her while he is in the hospital. How long will they be apart? Who will take care of her? Will she be okay? This is the first time in forty years that he won’t be by her side and his heart is crying out.

She could walk for miles, loved to dance, and stories have been told of how she would swim in the Irish Sea. Her love of dancing led to their first meeting at a local dance hall. They were married soon after and lived a happy life with their two children. One day he started noticing how tired she seemed. Another day she stumbled. She started feeling numbness and tingling sensations but didn’t say anything hoping it would go away. Then one day as she carried groceries home from the store her legs felt weaker than normal. Suddenly the legs that once helped push her across an ocean collapsed to the concrete path below. Bloodied and bruised she tried to pick herself up from the ground. He ran to her side and they both looked at each other… it was time to go see a doctor.

Nauseas and healing from heart surgery he fights the pain. He knows he has to stay strong and recover quickly so he can be with her again. The time in the hospital feels like an eternity. Each day as the sun rises he wonders how she is feeling and each night as the sun sets he prays for her safe keeping. He is thankful for family members who take care of her while he cannot.

Over the years Multiple Sclerosis took a slow toll on her body. The legs that once danced now rested in a wheelchair. The arms that once cradled her children lovingly lay motionless by her side. Her once energetic body exhausted by a disease that took away so much but could never take away her inward strength to keep fighting.

The first thing he does when he is released from the hospital is go see her. He sits by her bed, holds her hand and tells her how beautiful she looks. He asks jokingly if she missed him. Her eyes light up and she smiles. They are together again and that is what makes them both happy. Their love is simple, their love is kind, they are an inspiration… they are my parents!

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16 Responses to In Sickness and In Health – A True Love Story

  1. suziekneller says:

    How beautiful! True love is a special gift. This is truly an insprational story for everyone and what Valentines Day is all about. Not flowers or candy, but true, everlasting, unconditional love.

    Happy Valentines Day!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lovely, Linda. I think of them often and am so happy to have met them.

  3. What a great story, it fills my heart with warmth. How awesome to have grown up with such a great example of love.

  4. Kate, it’s funny how as you grow older you appreciate your parents more and more. My mom was in hospital in January for three weeks and my dad was there every day by her side. I admire and love them both so much ❤

  5. Deirdre Negron says:

    Wow Linda thats beautiful..i remember ur parents and how loving they were

  6. starrystez says:

    Wonderful post, very touching.

  7. Sue J says:

    You are truly blessed to have such a fine example of love in your life. This was a beautiful telling of a beautiful story. Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day!

    • Thanks Sue! I cried writing it but now my children will have a lovely story to read about their grandparents. Valentine’s Day is extra special in our home as it is my son’s birthday 😃 Thanks for stopping by my blog!

      • Sue J says:

        You’ve captured it well. Hopefully, you have released the sadness that accompanies the story and are now embracing the beauty in all its wonder. Happy Birthday to your son!

  8. Yes, this story served as a catharsis releasing a lot of emotions. I used to feel sad about my mom’s illness but now I focus on the positive and just take in every moment I have with her. My father’s strength and selflessness amazes me. I see the beauty in the their relationship and it is very special. Thank you for the kind words and birthday wishes for my son!

  9. Roy says:

    I tought I was reading a story about someone else and tought this could be a film,then the penny dropped or in America the dime dropped and I realised it was my parents.not only have I one of a kind parents I also have the best sister ever.

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