When Things Don’t Come Up Smelling Like Roses… Sometimes All You Can Do Is Laugh :-)


“Mom, I gotta go! Hurry! Hurry!” cried the little boy. Mom struggled to find the front door key while keeping one eye on her youngest as he crossed his legs and clutched his stomach. “Hurry mom, I can’t hold it,” he cried as the keys slipped from her hands to the ground below. Both eyes now directed solely on the ground she quickly scooped up the keys and searched for what seemed like a needle in a haystack. “Mom, I’m starving,” chimed in her oldest as her youngest squirmed restlessly by her side. His face now turning all shades of red and blue as he clenched his breath and closed his eyes. Then, just as all hope was starting to fade the magic door key slipped in to the lock like Cinderella’s foot into the glass slipper. Mom flung the door open and her youngest ran to the bathroom while her oldest ran to the kitchen to appease his appetite.

“Uh-Oh,” yelled her youngest as she peaked in to see him standing in front of the toilet, about an inch away, oh so close, oh so very close, to hitting the jackpot. Instead it hit his undergarments, his outer garments, and the floor. He had caught a nasty stomach bug and let’s just say it was going to take a whole lot of Clorox wipes to clean this up! Just as mom was about to help her youngest out of his soiled clothes she heard screams coming from the kitchen. Her oldest in his quest for food had jammed one of his fingers in a drawer. Mom ran to calm her older son and get ice for his boo boo. The inquisitive younger son strolled into the hallway with his clothes around his ankles and all mom could do was chuckle. That was until the dog walked over and decided to squat down and go to the toilet in the hallway… then she yelled a slow motion “Nooooooo” at the dog… and then she laughed… cause what else could she do 🙂

Yes, I laughed that day and I still chuckle when I think about it. Sometimes all you can do is laugh when things go wrong or you have a bad day. Life is not picture perfect and everything doesn’t always smell like roses. My house certainly did not smell like flowers that day. It is how we react to situations… we can let things get us down or we can laugh and move on 🙂

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6 Responses to When Things Don’t Come Up Smelling Like Roses… Sometimes All You Can Do Is Laugh :-)

  1. LZ says:

    So glad the younger one made it home before anything happened. Sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying.

  2. oh those days…. those days…. I’m glad that we can laugh about those days! And love that you held it all together during it!

  3. Kate, not sure how I held it together but I tend to laugh during stressful situations. I have done it at funerals which is not cool but maybe it’s a coping mechanism. It is nice to take a trip down memory lane and laugh again at a very hectic yet funny day 🙂

  4. Karin says:

    Ah yes , the joys of motherhood. Lol. Mom’s need more strength than any man realizes. Karin

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